Snow, snow…go away!

Yesterday morning, I awoke to this view out my window.  There was a lovely, marshmallow-y blanket of snow that covered everything and, were this snapshot taken in December, I might have been more excited about its beauty.  But it’s not December, and it’s not our first storm…it’s our 6th or 7th major storm of the season.  Too much, thank you, I’m ready for spring!

Everywhere I turn, I see Facebook posts, web articles, I overhear conversations at the gym—everyone is cursing the winter and pining away for spring.  So I took a very non-scientific poll of friends and colleagues: what are the three things you are most looking forward to this spring?  I mostly got responses I was expecting to hear: bulb plantings, magnolia blooms, birds chirping, etc.  Then I realized, all the answers are related to the senses.  Aha!  Yes, this is why we love Mother Nature so much: she feeds our senses, supports our innate human needs and provides us a sense of awe.  She restores us.


This is not a new concept, and I am not suggesting this is a novel post.  But every now and again, it’s nice to be reminded.  There is a reason Frederick Law Olmsted, founder of landscape architecture, advocated for city parks: to sooth the mind and restore the body.  We need nature.  In every regard, it supports our senses: our ears are stimulated by the chirping birds, bubbling brooks (and even the sound of construction equipment which a few of my colleagues claimed they cannot wait to hear!), our eyes are awed by the vibrant colors of spring bulbs, our tastebuds are tickled by fresh cool-season veggies, our noses crave the smell of fresh cut grass, lilacs and the thawing earth, and our bodies are warmed in the sunshine.  Only a few more weeks, and we will be there!  Stay tuned!


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